Questions Answered At a Galance

Q. When can I get the payout?

In order to receive payment you need to raise a minimum. Minimum payment for: webmoney 50$ BTC 50$ and wire 500$ By default payments are made once a month - on the 5th of the month for the past period. For Ecommerce / travel offers - payments are made by the Net30 system. For confirmed users payments are made by the Net10 system. More details about payment systems talk to your manager.

Q. How can I withdraw my money?

In your profile you specify the requisites where your payment should come to. We have 3 different systems for payouts: 1.Webmoney 2. BTC. 3.Wire

Q. What is NET30?

It is a payment with delay of 30 days after the end of the accounting period. It means that payout for traffic in May will be paid on the 5th of July.

Q. How to get my payout more often?

After a verification of traffic quality the advertiser leaves a feedback and if everything's alright, publisher gets a payout three times a month. It's possible at Dating and Mobile Subscription verticals. Payout for E-commerce and Travel goes by Net30, right after an advertiser pays invoice for traffic.

Q. What are the payment dates for the net10 payment system?

Payments are made every 10 days - on days 5, 15 and 25. To get the payment, you need to have the minimum balance. The payment of the fifth date is made for the previous month (1-31). Payment on the 15th - from 1 to 10. Payment on the 25th - from 11 to 20-e. So you need to have a minimum balance 5 days before payment.

Q. Do you accept proxy traffic?

No, all kind of bot,proxy,vpn,tor traffic is completely forbidden. this kind of traffic can ban your affiliate account.